Hi everyone,im startin a new clan and was askin if anyone wanted to join?Theres 2 founders,myself(online im [MCC]Mr.Tea but i used to be Pointblank) and my friend,(now [MCC]Sn1p3y but used to be a nosebleed).If you go to this website,we are not hackers or anything stupid,I swear,cause i hate hackers and glitchers and noobs-website- http://mcc-clan.webs.com - your k/d ratio must be at least 0.95 and you must have prestiged,and dont be a frikkin noob.Become a member, it takes about 1 minute to do and all you have to do then is a simple e-mail confirmation and thats it! When you join, leave your friend code and comment. Thanks, the [MCC] crew>