Wii.qj.net reports

The BAFTA event isn't just giving us the opportunity to recognize and honor excellent games, but also to look forward to new ones that have yet to come. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo did give us something to look forward to, after he picked up his fellowship award from the award-giving body.
We're hard at work!

So reports the Official Nintendo Magazine UK via their Twitter account: "ONM is at the BAFTAs! Miyamoto just told us Pikmin 3 develoment is 'well under way'." While that was all he was willing to accommodate us with at this pont in time, at least we know now that they have not forgotten about Pikmin 3.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more about it in the next gaming conference. Say, E3, maybe?

Heres the links ONM Twitter and Kotaku