I am making a simple request. There are those of us who adored the original PC version and held its English patch's dialogs closer to our hearts than most of our families. Balrog's mere catchphrase being mentioned by a stranger makes my day. We are the ones who receive the sideways looks when we scream "Rocket launcher level up!! Sweeeet!!" as we play the Sacred Grounds in the presence of others. We are the ones who cry inwardly when someone doesn't know who Ballos is.

We are the ones love Cave Story.

We despise the WiiWare release.

Why? Well, the team who worked with Pixel to bring his game to the masses was great. They knew what players would want. But they completely forsook those of us who remember the original. Balrog's cheery Huzzah has been replaced with a pathetic reference to the Kool-Aid mascot, most notably. The localization team has destroyed one of the things that made the game most memorable. Its dialog.

So, in closing, my request and ultimatum.

Please boycott Cave Story Wii, as long as the atrocious localization still stands!

Download the completely free PC version instead.

Thank you, and that is all.