I don't know if this is serious, but an analyst has apparently called for a video game version of the blood-sucking Twilight franchise, characterizing it as a waste of money-making opportunities. How about it just being a waste, period?
According to Games Investor Consulting analyst Nick Gibson, in an interview with MCV magazine, he is of the opinion that the brand owners are not milking their cash cow for all its worth. What's wrong with you people???

"Given how hot a property it is, Twilight could easily present a seven-figure exploitation opportunity, especially if publishers look at taking it beyond retail gaming and considers network gaming," he observed.

Gibson also expressed befuddlement as to why this adaptation has not been thought of at this point (the movie is on its way to part 3). His suggestion: target the casual gamers instead of the hardcore.

Why can't I have my own video game??? But I sparkle, dammit!

"Given the demographic Twilight appeals to, there probably isn't a huge crossover between them and Xbox 360 or PS3 fans. The brand's appeal could actually extend significantly beyond the expected teen girl market and 30-year-old female market, which has a very substantial crossover into gaming... There's a greater resonance with Wii and DS users."

I don't know about you guys, but I think this would just be a major waste of space. Personally, I don't think a Twilight video game will work because there's not much plotlines to work on that could provide for some exciting game action.

Unless you'd consider Edwards' glittering, shining moment under the light, and Bella's sulky and needy mood to be action-packed. This one gets a "Boo" from me.