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    Street Fighter III for the Wii...?

    Will a Street Fighter game (i.e III Third Strike or Alpha 3 max) be ever released on the Wii? is it the issue of hardware and clamor stopping it from being ported?

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    The Wii could do a Street Fighter 3 and Alpha. The question boils down to Capcom who will have to figure if there is a big enough market for a release of those two older titles. At this point in time Capcom hasn't even release those two games for the PS3 and X360 due to the fact that it didn't sell that well on the Xbox and PS2. The real issue is that fighting games are not like what they once were in the early to mid 90's. Fighting games in general doesn't sell as well as FPS, RPGS, Action Adventures, sports/fitness games like they use to anymore.

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    The current state of things are as follows
    Nintendo like to release games in order.
    Nintendo don't seem to like there virtual console.

    Your best bet would be to get a Dreamcast and look for them on ebay
    Or PS3 as I hear that alpha 3 is on that
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