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It was just a matter of time. Everyone's been looking for Sadness by Nibris (well, at least everyone who's heard of it) for a while now, and the only time we did hear about it in the past several months was if it were coupled with bad news. Sadness is officially canned. But with every sad news comes a spark of good one. The game may have evaporated into thin air, but the music that should have come along with it haven't. Polish game music blog Gramuzyka has released the 13 tracks from Sadness, all composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski.

"The songs are a version of a work in progress, not mastered, even harsh," explained Reikowski. "But I wanted to show the result of the written music. I wanted to make it a mixture of elements from Akira Yamaoki's Silent Hill and Hitomi Shimizu's Siren: Blood Curse while creating elements that were unique to Sadness.

The production process promised to be very good, we had to record vocals and some instruments but, unfortunately, all at once the project came to a standstill."

That sure sounds like the guys working on the game were just as clueless as to what really happened. Anyhow, now that the composer has released his music for Sadness, that should be a bit of a reason to quit being sad for it, right?

You can download the music via Gramuzyka's site linked below.
Via Gramuzyka & GameTunes