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    I don't care if they do or not, because it has been almost the same crap year after year. Mario Party 3 for the N64 was the best, because over 75 Mini-Games, and 6 or more boards. Then Gamecube is released and they didn't think they could at least fit at least 120 Mini-Games. The only Wii Version available that I picked up, was not even close to what they could have done. The same 6 Board & 75 Mini-Games which was ONLY innovative for the N64 is still the main sceem. They could have had 8 Boards and around 200 Mini-Games, they didn't even bother with making this a Dual-Layer Disc Game (More Memory, More Fun). The Computer randomness needs improve, because I have never seen them attack another Computer Player since I first played this game.
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    I think Mario Party 5 was the best, I liked when you could of play lotto.... My wife is a big fan of mario party, we play mario party 8 all the time. I enjoy it because its the only video game I play with my wife! but I think 7 & 8 are the worst ones.

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    I love all of them...but only if i playing with a friend or more. Alone its pretty boring.

    I hope 9 comes out, love the game.

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