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    List of all Zelda//Metroid Games?

    I actually have stopped gaming with consoles for a good 6 months now... I had a gamecube but I was stupid and got some games I shouldnt have and just kinda got out of gaming. But heres my question.. because of all the hype of the Nintendo Wii my friends have been telling me about I am buying a Wii tommorow if they have it in stock. I am going to buy 2000 Wii points,, so which games should I get from the past that are Zelda//Metroid games?

    Also, I have another 60 dollars to spend after all of this on old gamecube games so I can buy majoras mask or stuff like that.. but I just wanna know if they are worth getting? IF they are please tell me the name of the games I should get that are from Zelda//Metroid

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    Metriod Prime for GC?

    There is only 1 zelda game on VC right now.

    Just get Twilight princess, and another controller with nunchuks

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