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Thread: Beat NFS:Carbon

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    Yeah, I can read that alright!

    You have a photo editing program? It might be a good time to use it than, turn up the contrast.

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    !) I work as a network administrator, so I am usually free, just on call, and do a lot of remote access from home. And then I take some night classes at a local college for Network Defenses and other new classes that weren't apart of my major.

    2) I tried to avoid drifting entirely until later in the game. It is really pretty easy once you figure out how it works. Pretty much all you need to do is go as fast as you can. So if you get a really really fast car, then you are going to be racking up loads of points around corners whether you do them cleanly or not, just be going fast.

    3) And as far as a review goes, I didn't really see it to be necessary because there was some other thread here where we discussed such stuff. But to comment on the controls; I thought they were awesome. In the very beginning car and in some of the vehicles, it feels like the controls are terrible. But you have to keep in mind that this is a car game based on upgrading parts. So the cars that are difficult to control, just have crappy parts. When you start upgrading tires/suspension and such they become very easy to control with the wiimote. Just remember to let off the gas when you go around any sharp corners, and use the brake when going around U corners. Other than that, it was a lot fun playing any racing game I have ever played before, and I give that credit 100% to nintendo for the controls.

    And to comment on that review about accelerating and breaking with the wiimote. I never used those controls, so I can't really comment on them. I loved using the wiimote to steer, so I don't think I would even considering switching the controls to use the analog to steer.

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    i heard that the controls were stupid.. looks like a cool game


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