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    A good pokemon game for the wii

    When i say this i believe all wii gamers are as frustrated as i am. All the Pokemon wii games are grade a crap. why is Nintendo so afraid to step onto new grounds. A Pokemon 3d Pokemon rpg would be great for the wii. Their to afraid that the DS owners would be angry if they made a Pokemon rpg for the wiii that could not be supported. The CEO's of Pokemon or what ever their called are worried about financial disability. I Bet they would make a mint on making a Pokemon rpg. I can imagine it now Being a trainer Running around town. Actually using my Pokemon movements. I fear that this reality is to far in the future. If only their was something we could do. Please if you've seen reports online of Pokemon rpgs their just theory's. So don't get any ones hopes up on this forum. I bid you Pokemon fans a good day. PS if my forum gave you false hope i am sorry.

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    yea nintendo maybe think if they make pokemon for the wii... then the DS would sell a lot less..sucks
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    They desperately need to make a full 3D 'proper' RPG pokemon game.

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    My top 5 theories as to why there isn't a Pokemon RPG on the Wii.

    Theory #1:
    Nintendo can't make a Pokemon RPG for the Wii because Japan wouldn't be large enough to hold all of the money that they'd make. Piles of cash would be stacked up in the streets and they'd be so much to go around that the Yen's worth would drop fast and the whole Japanese ecomony would crumble. Then the knock on effect could badly damage the American and European exchange rates, leading to a worldwide financial collapse and the end of society as we know it. So Nintendo are just trying to keep everyone safe by imprisoning the Pokemon on the DS where they are less likely to cause world havoc.

    Theory #2:
    Neither Satoshi Tajiri or Shigeru Miyamoto have thought of the idea yet. Everybody else at Nintendo is waiting for them to suggest it first as they are in fear of looking like they are trying to overshadow the great ones, which could lead to them being pubicly beheaded by Iwata.

    Theory #3:
    Nintendo are lazy (courtesy of IGN). They can't be bothered to make any games and would rather lay and snooze in their business hammocks. Shigeru Miyamota keeps spoiling their plans though by continually coming up with great games, so they bundled up Pikachu & friends in a pile of hammocks and are keeping them hidden so that Shiggy doesn't get any bright ideas. Then they can go back to their snoozing without fear that he'll make them do more work on what would be a huge Pokemon Wii project.

    Theory #4:
    Nintendo have been developing real life Pokemon. Each franchise is given its own budget and they've spent all of the Pokemon one on this genetic research, so there is no money available for a Wii RPG. When Microsoft and Sony unveil their next consoles, Nintendo will throw out a real life Pikachu on stage, which will promptly electrocute the Xbox 720/PS4 and all their execs; ending the console wars in one fell swoop.

    Theory #5:
    The world is not ready. If Nintendo released a Pokemon RPG then people's heads could explode. Others may never go to work/school again and the world would grind to a halt. To stop this from happening Nintendo has locked the Pokemon Wii RPG in an impenetrable vault and again they have kept the world a safer place.

    Well that was the 'best ideas' that I could come up with. In all seriousness though, it's more likely due to something like not wanting to split the franchise away from the DS, or they don't think it would sell well enough on the Wii (as if!!), or they think it would be too much like competition for their Animal Crossing franchise, or that they do want to make a MMORPG but don't have a strong enough online system to properly run a game with thousand (or millions) of players. The online one would actually be my best bet.
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