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    Help with WII motion controls on DBZ BT3!!

    Hi, I hope someone replys me since I couldn't find anything on faqs and the internet. The problem is with the motion controls on the wii version. More specifically with the special powers, some are very hard to do and sometimes they don't work at all, like Trunks Finish buster, I still dont understand how you do it, sometimes I can do it with one motion sequence but others I cant do it at all and is very frustrating. I think the instructions on-screen are wrong, it says you have to raise your hands and then drop them suddenly like the spirit bomb but it doesn't work. The best way I can do it is to move both hands back and forth but it doesnt work always. Its strange because I dont have problems with other powers like Gokus kamehameha, that one is very easy to do. So I dont think my controls are bad or something, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe is because I'm not playing at the proper distance from the TV or is it because my TV is too small? (19'' YUP you heard right). And I haven't had any problems with other games. So, does anybody has had difficulties getting the right motions? or is it because of the game? if that were the case should I use the classic or gamecube controlers? I really liked the game's motion controlers I hope there is a solution.

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    I got a solution use the GC controller its so much easier

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