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    I read the reviews and thought that I had wasted 50 bucks on Red Steel. That was until I tried it and played for 3 hours before realizing it.

    I'm not sure what it is that has me playing the game but the wiimote controls (despite being jumpy) are easy to get past once you start playing.

    Its funny because the story isnt that great, the voice acting is downright horrific, meleeing someone is nearly impossible and the unskippable picture book cutscenes dont quite fit (and suck). Add that on top of the jumpy cursor, and I can see why people would give up on this game.

    But there are quite a few good points about the game that have somehow gotten me addicted to it. <opinion>

    1. The AI is pretty smart most of the time. In fact (I know this is blasphemy) it seems on par with gears of war. The enemies will flank you, take cover, and will actually charge your position if you hide to regen health. Couple this with the fact that their guns do a respectable amount of damage from the start and you have quite a challenge on your hands. The downside to this is that they have a very limited vocabulary and are completely immune to irony... (why the hell would you call me a killer??)

    2. The level design is pretty varied and definitely pretty. Sure the character models could use a little work, but the environments are nicely designed with lots of explosions (I love the explosions in this game) and pretty good lighting. The over the top explosions make it hard for me not to waste exploding barrels by shooting them for the hell of it. (yes, the enemy hides behind exploding barrels, if they didnt the game would be that much less fun). On top of that, almost everything you shoot gives you a satisfying reaction. The steam that jets out (and stays there) when you shoot steam pipes are particularly neat.

    3. The sword fighting is pretty fun. Granted I wish the enemy would attack me more often instead of just sitting there parrying, but when you run into tough enemies, its a challenge and cutting people up by swinging your remote is oh so so fun. My only gripe is that meleeing someone in combat is downright impossible. Combine the nonresponsiveness (yes I'm too lazy to shake the remote really hard) of the nunchuck for this action with the fact that you have to wait for an icon before your nunchuck does anything and you learn really quick not to melee people. I couldnt even get a guy that had his back on me. He turned around an killed me really fast. I really dont understand why ubisoft had to limit the melee to respond only to an icon on the screen...

    4. Shooting people with the wiimote is downright fun. I honestly have no idea why. The controls are definitely jumpy (even when I turn off all the lights). Its as if red steel is centering the wiimote because its losing signal or something. but when you push A to zoom, all the jumping problems disappear. You have to disable the lock or the jumping gets worse as the cursor tries to lock onto the guys torso no matter where you aim, but what kind of FPS player are you if you use auto lock w/ a wiimote?? In this respect, Red Steel becomes almost like a stop and pop game with light gun emulation. Doesnt that just sound bad ass? If only Red steels controls had the refinement of Zelda's shooting controls... it would be heaven on a disk.

    I really do recommend this game. Its great multiplayer fun on top of an oddly addicting single player mode. If you like shooters, this game is a must. If you dont, give it a try, you might be surprised.

    Does anyone know if there are more than 4 multiplayer maps? I really hope there are...
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    you should never listen to the reviews because they gave zelda a 9.6 when it should have been a 9.8, but they have to take points off because its not orchrestra music. I would think they would only take .2 off for graphics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamikaze
    You're one of the many who cares about what people see you play. Shit if someone sees me playing a childish game and wants to laugh, let them. You're the sensitive one trying to fit in to society.
    You'd be doing yourself a huge favor by stopping trying to tell me what kind of person I am, or what kinds of things I do or do not enjoy. You're sounding extremely ignorant. I made a lengthy case about the reasons I believe Nintendo needs to steer gently away from the 'kiddie' graphics addiction, but if you want to accuse me of needing to "fit into society" for whatever arbitrary reasons, then go ahead and be ignorant. It's your party.

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    I played the Bond game "From Russia with love" on the gamecube for the first time the other day and I can honestly say that game blowws compared to Red Steel. Definitely a last gen game compared to Red Steel. I'm not sure what rating that game received, but I have a feeling it wasnt nearly as harsh as the ratings that Red Steel is getting. Dont believe the hype... Red Steel is very addictive.

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