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Thread: Kirby again?

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    Kirby again?

    Wow its not even been out for a year and already theres another one on the way.

    Nintendo has announced a new Wii Kirby game that looks like a revival of unreleased GameCube platformer Kirby Adventure.

    A trailer, which you can see below, shows Kirby moving from left to right in classic side-scrolling platform action.

    According to translation work by neoGAF poster FINALFANTASYDOG, Super Smash Bros. developer HAL Laboratories is at the helm. A 2011 Japanese release is planned.

    Kirby's Epic Yarn is set for release in Europe next month, but has already won rave reviews in Japan and the US.
    More info and video behind the Link

    We aint even got the Yarn one yet. It shows how much Nintendo loves the UK
    Spoiler Alert!
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    Well I´m happy the Wii is getting more releases, there´s a new Pokemon game in development also, and Xenoblade will be launched in the USA, just waiting The Last History and Tales of Graces.

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    I had the same kind of reaction when I saw the article. Nintendo has sooooooo many characters they can choose from to make new games. But it seems like when they find success with one they get stuck on it and milk it dry until its time to move on. I still wanna see a Star Fox game before the end of this console cycle....if not it better be a launch title for the next one.

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