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    Guitar Hero gets second wind with new DLC?

    Guitar Hero is dead and buried, we know that for a fact. However, a recent posting on their official Twitter account says otherwise. Because of the steadfast following of fans on their Facebook fan page, Activision has announced that the supposedly now-defunct Guitar Hero, along with DJ Hero, is getting new DLC.

    Said Activision: "We hit 3MILLION Facebook fans! In thanks for your continued support, we'll be releasing some new DLC. Details soon!" And then another one, "Thanks for being a member of our community. In recognition of your continued support, we've decided to release more DLC! Details soon!"

    The Guitar Hero franchise was just recently laid to rest by the gaming community earlier this month, after failing to sustain the interest of the gaming public. The last installment in the franchise was Warriors of Rock, which, simply put, did not catch the eye of the gamers. Back then, Activision attributed the decision to the "continued decline in the music genre," further sealing its fate by saying that they will be discontinuing development for the franchise for this year.

    Given this new turn of events, however, it looks like they've softened their stance and is now willing to try and revive the game yet again. Either that, or they're instead eyeing the release of the DLC for 2012. They only said they won't be doing anymore for 2011, after all. Semantics aside, though, with that much support pouring in for the franchise, it would do Activision to rethink their decision of killing it out.

    That said, where were you guys the whole time? Maybe that's all Activision was waiting for -- to see that you guys are still interested in the Guitar Hero franchise. Unless this is a post-mortem show of affection, then there's definitely more to be gained by Activision if they suddenly rev it back up to life.

    We don't know yet what the details are, or when they'll be forthcoming regarding it, but we'll be sure to keep you posted. We're also waiting for Activision's official statement in the matter, although we doubt that those posts on the feeds were mere glitches.
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    Yeah I saw it on facebook a couple days back, there was a comment I liked, It said, more or less, that cause of the 2011 GH Title cancellation, we could be talking of very good songs, that were intented to be in that game, fingers crossed... double fingers crossed to see some free DLC.

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