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    Skyward Sword Combat Trailer Shows Plenty of MotionPlus

    It's not just for combat, you know

    This year's Game Developers Conference might yield some tasty pieces of information about the 3DS, but let's not forget about the titles that are bound for our home consoles. One prime example is the upcoming and anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

    A combat trailer was showcased at GDC 2011 and it shows some interesting ways that MotionPlus has been implemented into the title's game mechanics. An obvious choice for adding MotionPlus support is of course the way players handle Link's sword, but nevertheless, the trailer shows how the game will make use of the near 1:1 motion controls outside of combat situations.

    Aside from hacking and slashing, players will need to tackle puzzles that require specific cuts and slices in particular angles and directions. We also see a glimpse of what looks like a training area where Link is chopping away at a bamboo shoot, sharpening sword skills that are bound to come in handy. A tight rope section also sees our protagonist keeping his balance as an enemy makes its way towards him from the other end.
    Anyway, stop reading and start watching.


    While we wait for the finishing touches to be added to Link's latest adventure, be sure to read our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword First Impressions to find out why this could be the game of the year.
    I might get this but i dunno "if" i'll want another wii, i need the money, i might sell wii to a friend i wanna try PS move
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    that looked good. selling your wii is a BAD IDEA there will always be cheap games you want for it. ps move can **** my *****

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmarx View Post
    ps move can **** my *****
    Finally someone who talks wisely, agreed with skidmarx in that point... Back on topic...

    I want this game so bad... I have to get a Job xD

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