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    Quote Originally Posted by stickey_label
    Unfortunately I don't think Age of Empires III will ever be ported to the Wii, as Microsoft are the creators and owners of the game and I don't think they would want to help XBOX 360 competitors.
    Good point, I wasn't thinking about that. Well, I'll just have to put up with another RTS, because I think it would be a good fit for the Wii.

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    Microsoft did say that they were not competing with Nintendo since there aims are diffrent. So maybe microsoft will port some games to the Wii and it might let Rare make games for Nintendo and let past games go to the VC. Just imagine playing Halo with the Wii controller, but it is highly unlikely.
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    could anyone imagine how they can rejuvinate the mario party franchise with this thing?

    mario party one was a GREAT game, and i still play it today.

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