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    Pokemon Battle Revolution

    I was playing PBR yesterday, doing a Level 50 All Select Battle. I decided to go with a different strategy so I sent out Forretress first, but guess what. So did my opponent. The moves were Sand Tomb, Toxic, Double Team, and Rest. Same Pokemon, same moves. This was a stalemate. Sand Tomb could trap us and sap away a tiny bit of HP and eventually stop. Toxic didn't affect us. Double Team raises our evasiveness, and Rest replenishes our health. So, you can see how neither of us could get anywhere. I decided to switch out and because of him using Double Team so much, my other Pokemon couldn't hit him and he took them out. I took out one of his Pokemon when he switched but then he went right back to Forretress and I went with him too because he was my last one left. So, we were at another stalemate and this was going to go on and on until we lost all PP of all moves. I ended up just having to quit because I couldn't take down Forretress and he had another Pokemon left anyways. Wow.

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