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    Wii graphics can't handle Sonic Generations

    Could this be the end of Sega and Nintendo's love relationship? Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has revealed that they have canceled the Sonic Generations for the Wii console.

    The reason: the Wii can't handle the graphics of the game. Said Iizuka, the Wii's graphical limitations just isn't "a good fit" for their vision of the game.

    The primary goal for the console versions of Generations was reimagining the seres' classic zones in vivid, high-definition graphics. The Wii hardware wasn't a good fit for that concept, so we abandoned development on that, and decided that for our Nintendo audience, we would make a fresh start with a N3DS version of Generations."

    This would be the first time that Sonic year, will be skipping out on the Wii after having released three exclusive titles on the console since 2006. After seeing how successful Sonic Color's outing on the Wii was last year, it sure is surprising to hear of Sega's decision.

    Then again, maybe not. After all, they're coming out with a Wii 2, so maybe they'll have something else in store for Nintendo's new console.

    Via Nintendo Everything

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    This is what happens when you try to bring the same game to different formats.

    One is always the problem,

    In b4 Sega hate
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    yup the whole 7th generation is exhausted and you have to go to 'top of the line' pc's to see the best graphics today. no sense bashing the wii anymore. good post

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    I don't understand why the Wii version has been dropped when they are making a seperate 3DS version. It would make more sense to put that version on both platforms, especially as Sega games tend to sell more on the Wii than they do on the HD platforms (for example Unleashed sold about 1.5 million on 360/PS3 combined and the Wii version sold 1.8 million on its own).

    I think that the Wii not being able to handle the games graphics is just an excuse. The real reason is probably that they are developing it for 'Project Cafe' instead, but they can't say that because the console isn't officially announced or named yet.
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    The reasion why they're doing this because it's allready on 3Ds, not regluar DS (there's allready one that will be released on it, which we'll get to), and if they're gonna put it on the wii when the Wii U is down the road, (to them) it doesn't make any sense.

    Also, they allready have announced Sonic and Mario at the (shitty-godawful) London Olympic Games 2012 for the Wii and DS.

    Yeah, I would've liked Sonic Generations (which is the only game that intrests me, unlike the 7 shitty rings and halfassed knight game they made) being the 3DS version has the same graphics, but it's whatever Ninty wants to focus on now. (I know there's Sonic Colors, but this one grabs my attention as there's old Sonic alongside the current one)

    I suspect them to port it to Wii U next year as the regluar Wii is slowing dying out due to lower sales and lack of developer intrest on it. Maybe we'll be in for a surprise on the Wii U version if we buy their shitty olympics game for the Wii/DS.

    Speeking of other sonic games, I've heard they're going to make another "storybook" series one - ala 7 rings, black night, and colors- for Wii & DS with... A WESTERN THEME?!!! God! They can't be serious!! I so hope it's not true and that the cover art someone posted on youtube is FAKE!
    Though it seamed real with Amy in the cowgirl outfit, Sonic & Tails with GUNS!, and Dr eggman trying to, you've guessed it... Take over the world!
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    This is what happens when you try to bring the same game to different formats.

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