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Thread: Red Steel Tips

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    Red Steel Techniques

    "Three Bullets Chest-Head Gun Technique" :
    - When using a machine gun/sub-machine gun, don't spray your enemies with bullets. This waste bullets and would less likely hit the enemy. Instead, aim at the chest. Shoot by tapping the B button like a handgun and progressively move upwards; from the chest up to the head. It usually takes 2 or 3 bullets to knock an enemy down.

    - When you hit an enemy on the chest, they'll get stunned for a sec. You would want to shoot again and again to stun and eventually kill him. But instead of doing that, do the process mentioned above to save ammo.

    "Judo Sword Style Technique":
    - I noticed this during the near ends of the game. Slashing and cutting is kind of tiresome and dangerous since they'd block you and throw you off balance. And then, cutting you 3 times afterwards.

    - With this in mind, don't attack. Dodge and parry as much as you can until the enemy's sword is rendered useless. You will know the life span of the sword next to the health gauge on top of the screen.

    - This is where skills comes in. You will find two types of slashes; the red slash and the normal slash. If you try to parry the red slash, you'll get hit regardless. To damage the sword from a red slash, dodge at the right time and right way. Afterwards, flick the nunchuk downwards. You'll hear a "clang" that indicates damage.

    - The normal slash is easier when you mastered parrying and throwing enemies off balance. When you parry and throw them off balance, flick the nunchuk again to damage the sword. You'll hear the "clang" once again.

    - This is easier because you're just using the nunchuk controller instead of getting mixed up with the wiimote. This technique is definetly useful with the final boss.

    "Controlled Grenade Flying Technique":
    - It took me a while to master the grenade. I found out that I was trying to mimic the trailer, throwing the grenade like it was like a "grenade." I would always throw it wrong, hitting walls, not accurately aimed and frustrating that I stopped using it.

    - Suddenly, I found out that you don't do an arching-motion with the nunchuk. Simply, flick it forward with your cursor serving as a guide.

    If you have tips, share em. And also, fancy technique names are welcome.
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    great and awesome well how many percent are you done the game i need help when harry sword battles me its imposible
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    Great! thanks for the tips

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    im done about 30%

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