I'm a bit confused. While looking at the Wikipedia entry for Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, I noticed something quite unusual for an inferior system (the system beings the GameBoy Advance):

The GBA version has the following levels:

  1. Hills of San Francisco
  2. Steps of Morocco
  3. Castle of Edinburgh
  4. Rio de Janeiro
  5. Tour of Rome
  6. Vail Mountain
  7. Lights of Hong Kong
  8. Ruins of Machu Pichu
  9. Montmartre
  10. Hawaii

while the Wii version has the following:

  1. Machu Picchu
  2. San Francisco
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Chicago
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Rome
  7. Rio de Janeiro

The Wii version is missing three (3!!!) levels. What the heck?