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    Any games almost exactly like Doom?

    Are there any Wii games that are almost exactly like Doom? I realize there a lot of games similar to Doom, but I'm looking for something that's almost exactly like it. The thing I love about Doom is that it was kind of a simple game. There wasn't a lot of activity going on. You would be walking along and then some bad guys would try to get you and you'd shoot them and then it was quiet again until some guys tried to kill you again. I briefly checked out Resident Evil 4 and one of the Call of Duty games and they're not quite what I'm looking for. There's a little more activity going on than I would like and overall, these games look a little more complicated than Doom. I need something somewhat easy because I suck at these types of video games. I still have not found that d*mn princess in the orginal Super Mario Bros. Although I beat Mario Kart rather easily. I rule at racing games.

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    System Shock 1 and maybe 2 are the something to look at. Quake 1 is also good. Duke Nukem 3D had similar gameplay.
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    Wow no intense games,well there is always some Wii shop Chanel other than that nothing on Wii.

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