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Thread: Cabela's Big Gmae Hunter 2012 and trying to get my Top Shot Elite to actually WORK!!!

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    Cabela's Big Gmae Hunter 2012 and trying to get my Top Shot Elite to actually WORK!!!

    Yesterday we purchased a NEW Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 that also came with the Top Shot Elite Gun. No matter what we try you can not get this gun to Aim and not even accurately but basically not at all on the screen. After several hours last night and beginning to try and figure it out today...I am out of options other than trying to find some true help on a forum.

    I have been doing an endless search online which is coming up with either "NO RESULTS THAT ARE HELPFUL" or other customer complaints that still dont give me any true help.

    What I have tried so far. I have went into the Wii Options and changed the location of the sensor bar to top of tv and bottom of tv and changed around the sensitivity...No help! Went all through the game options to calibration to no calibration to deadzones...to recalibrate to taking the Wii remote and nunchuk out of the gun and trying to aim just like that...Nothing is working. We have moved the sensor bar all around....moved back 15 to 20 ft, got up close still nothing....All you get is your blue highlighted area that should clearly be in the position that you are aiming in either stuck in the corner of the right side of the screen or at the left side of the screen. I have read several customer reviews stating a lot of people are having calibrations issues with this particular game/gun. ANY and I do mean ANY insight as to if I am possibly doing something wrong would be so greatly appreciated before we decide to box this piece of crap up and return it.

    Thanks for any help!!

    P.S. If needed I am attempting to play this game on a 50" plasma

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    Hey Shannon,

    I feel your pain. I too got a Big Game Hunter 2012 for Christmas and was initially very, very frustrated. I have a 42" flat screen TV and had a lot of the same problems.

    Here's what worked for me:

    Sensor Bar - the one that comes with the Wii isn't very good, so I went to GameStop and got a wireless "Power A" brand sensor bar for about $20.00 (you can also get it online for about $10, but I needed to get it before nursing school starts up again). It has "extended range" which is apparently good for larger rooms and larger TVs. Yes, it "eats" batteries, but that's why they make rechargeables,which I'm using.

    Sensor Bar placement - Mine's on top of the TV. It's really jerky if it's below.

    Wii Sensitivity - I think I changed mine from "3" to "1"

    Game Calibration - this also stinks and I think it's pretty useless, so I just turned it OFF on the game under "Controls" (press the "C" or "Z" buttons on the nunchuk to get to the right menu)

    Dead Zones - I left mine at the defaults (60 and 20)

    Top Shot Elite Gun - I removed the stock (button on the left side of the gun helps with that) and I removed the scope, since you really don't need it.

    By the way, I have to stand about 6 feet away from my TV (you might have to get closer or farther). I've also found that Gallery mode is a lot more fun, since you're sort of shooting from the hip and looking at the cross hairs on screen, not trying to sight down the barrel. And there's more action in Gallery mode.

    Maybe if the calibration actually worked it would add more to the game, but I'll never know. I saw in another post somewhere that Activision is aware of the issues with larger screen TVs, but no one knows if they're going to fix it.

    Hope this helps.

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