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    We want to promote YOU!

    Alot of changes are being made for season 2, and one of them is WE want to PROMOTE YOU during our show!

    UMEGAMES is about us gamers, so we want to show off the talents, works and cool projects from everyone involved in gaming.

    SERIOUSLY, we want to advertise you for FREE!!!!

    If you have cool art work, videos, captures of epic comebacks, high scores or just something really cool that you want to share,

    let us know about it via mystuff@umegames.com or to our twitter @ UMEGAMESoffical

    with your real name so we can give you credit, your website, facebook or youtube channel if you have one

    and of course proof that you created/own whatever you're submmitng.

    For more details or questions ...just ASK :-)

    For those of you who don't know, i run a small upcoming show currently running on youtube called umegames (see sig)

    for more on that visit UMEGAMES.COM or youtube.com/UMEGAMES

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