What are the last two maps in Endless Ocean Blue World?

I have the following maps cleared:
(1.) Gatama Atoll,
(2.) Blue Hole,
(3.) Ciceros Strait,
(4.)Valka Castle,
(5.) North Coast Of Canada Arctic Ocean,
(6.) Weddell Sea Antarctic Ocean,
(7.) Iceberg Cavern,
(8.) Cortica River South America Midstream,
(9.) Cortica River South America Upstream,
(10.) Zahhab Red Sea Region and
(11.) Zahhab Red Sea Depths.

However, I have not unlocked the twelfth quest in Young Entrepreneur entitled, "Almost There" and then there's the thirteenth quest in Young Entrepreneur entitled, "Top of the World".

So, my question is what are the two last maps I have not completed? Thank you for your help and support.