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    Two player family game please....

    I'm trying to get my daughter interested in the wii (she's 4), but she is really not very good with the controls!!!

    Is there a game where two players work together on the same screen - so I can do most the work, but my daughter feels like she is jining in too?

    A nice friendly game though please - nothing too violent lol!

    Thank you!

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    Believe it or not, "Wii Tetris Party" might be what you are looking for! I have it, and it would be great for your situation. Two players can play on the same screen, on the same puzzle, at the same time - working together. Also, at her age, knowledge of shapes and geometry could be good for her! Nothing like a tried and true classic (rebooted for the Wii) to help out with introducing younger gamers to the genre! ..just my thoughts!
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