Hi, I am new to these forums, and if this question is in the wrong forum, please move it to the rightful forum.

I have a clarification to make regarding the Hollywood Squares Wii game. It involves a question used in the game that apparently has more than one answer.

The question used in the game is:

"What was the only TV theme to hit #1 on the Billboard charts?"

Apparently, there is more than one TV theme that hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Aside from the answer used in the Wii game, The Miami Vice Theme by Jan Hammer went to #1 in 1985, and I think the theme to Shaft by Isaac Hayes, that went to #1 in 1971. None of those were taken into consideration in the Wii game.

I definitely know the theme to Miami Vice did hit #1 as I remember hearing mention of such information on the radio show American Top 40 back in the day.