Hi Everyone. I hope this post is in the right forum. If not, feel free to move it. My wife got me Beatles Rockband as a gift last year, and we love playing with our friends. I realize that the Rockband popularity has waned, but my family likes playing it and I want to continue playing with them. My daughter is 6 and wants to play also, but struggles. I want to include her so I'm considering LEGO ROCKBAND - I assume it will be easier for her to play than Beatles. Is this correct? I believe I read that no new songs will be made available for download, but there are a few songs on the Rockband website that she is familiar with. My questions are 1. Are those additional songs still available for download? 2. Can they be downloaded into LEGO Rockband? (I believe Beatles Rockband will only allow Beatles DLC, is this true?) I would appreciate any help. It would be a shame if we were prevented from playing as a family because the game lost it's popularity. Thanks!