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    Wii not working after wierd sound? Please Help!

    Hey guys, AbhiKap55 here

    I'm not sure if this thread is in the right place but I couldn't find any place to post it so I put it here - admin, please feel free to move this thread to the correct spot.

    So I bought my Wii in the US many years ago and we recently moved to Malaysia. Here, I tried connecting it to my TV. The plug points are different here so I used an adapter. After plugging it in, I heard a weird explosion type of sound (not really explosion, but similar and much less loud) after that, the Wii does not turn on and the light is not turning on.

    What happened and how can I fix it?

    Thanks! I need help immediately!

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    I'd suspect region locking, though the explosion is a bit drastic, even for Nintendo.
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    That ain't at all drastic for Ninty.

    Somethin' shorted out. You used an adapter, but did ya also use a transformer? Voltage is can be higher or lower in different parts of the world, so I'm pretty sure if you didn't use a transformer, that's the problem.

    If the outlet still works (test it with other things), you might just need a replacement AC adapter for your Wii... and the aforementioned transformer to prevent a repeat.
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