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    Disaster: Day of Crisis

    I think of all games to rise up and be a really awsome franchine, of the 3 new ones:

    Project: H.A.M.M.E.R.
    Disaster: Day of Crisis
    Exite Truck

    Disaster: Day of Crisis, IMO, will turn out to be an amazing game, and a start to a good teen, or higher rated, franchise. If you saw the little footage ( not in the montage, but when he introduces the 3 new franchises) he showed a little
    footage of Disaster: Day of Crisis, with a car and what looked to be in game graphics depicting the main character with a gun. It looked really great, graphicwise. Plus, I liked the idea of the game. Survival, natural disasters... I really think Disaster: Day of Crisis will come through as a great game.

    What do you think?

    And furthermore, what game do you think, that is not so popular now, will come out of the dark and be a really good game.

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    I think the details of Disaster, nintendo will show em in september, although its one of the games ive seen with more graphics, and the way it looks know it will be one of the games im buying

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