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    zelda for me as well, though I cant wait for the next zelda to come out for the wii, since twilight princess was originally made for the gamecube, so im expecting greater things on the next installment
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekya
    DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2.
    Ill explain why later i dont have much time right now.
    Alright. i first gotta say that i love DBZ, ive read all the books and i love manga.
    I never played any of the DragonBall games...
    I really enjoy a good fighting game.
    And im a gamer that likes every game style.

    Well that was to give a little hint about myself.
    Now lets talk about that game. DragonBall Budokai Tenkaichi 2

    Its a pretty good action game, once you start the fight, you can't lose your concentration for a second or you will lose lot of hp.

    Its prolly one of the best fighting game ive seen. Theres a lot of possible combo and strategy (if you liked the mortalkombat on xbox, ps2 you will like it also).

    Its a game that you need to practice to get better, The control are very hard for the first time you play, you will have problem to fly and to move, But the training mode is pretty good, and you will learn how to play well with it.
    The fight can end pretty fast, you can do some tournement that only if you go out of the ring you lose ( touch the ground, but your mainly always in the air ) But the fight can last a couple of minute also.

    I said earlier that i loved every game style. but im a big rpg fan.
    In this game, The story mode is very good. Its like a RPG, you need to level your character ( i wont go on details ) but you also chose how you want it to be, balance, powerfull or more magic damage ( Kii ).
    You can max the Hp, the speed, the Kii, the attak power, the defence... And theres many many items that gives passive buff. Every mission or level or whatever are fights by the way.

    A big plus to this, The story mode is long, for all the DBZ fan, you will feel the dbz saga once again with the entire story in details, while you do the fight of the story (Yeah, EVERY FIGHT that youve read !!)

    Its somekind of a training also :P, you will always be shacking the nunchuk and the mote, so after the first 2 days you might feel something in your tricep.

    Like i said its a pretty fast fighting game, even the music (fast techno) makes everything faster, you can transform yourself when ur char can do it. you can fuse 2 char if they can be fused together, YOu can be SuperSayan 1-2-3.
    Theres a lot of magic for everycharacter.
    Overall i would give about 8.5/10 for this game.
    So thats why i love this game and i hope some of you will like to try it.

    Sorry for the long text, i couldnt do shorter to describe this game.
    Theres a link of this game here, enjoy :

    I forgot to mention that if you dont like to play with the nunchuk and mote you can use the classic and the GC controler but they dont have any training and you wont see what button do what.
    But Seriously, learn to fight with the nunchuk and mote and you will feel proud to have mastered a new way to fight and you will feel good when you will do a good fight, ( lvl 40 vs lvl 110 is cool but hard, but you gotta do them neway )
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    The games i actually Own:
    WiiSports ( for sure lol )
    Zelda TP - Rayman - DragonBallZ - Metroid Prime3 -VC : Bonks - Golden Axe - Legend Of Zelda - Military Madness - SoldierBlade - SuperMario64 - GainGround - Contra3 - MarioKart 64.


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    Quote Originally Posted by timthepig
    Wii Sports for me. Innovation and fun beats an update of Zelda. Though Zelda is excellent, don't get me wrong. But I bought this system for Innovation, Wii Sports makes use of this. Zelda can be played on a gamecube.

    You are right..... Wii is innovation... the rest you can play on almost every system......
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    Last night i had a dream that i was playing Zelda than i punched my brother because he woke me up. ZELDA FTWS

    ^ Chicago... My kind of town ^
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