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    From the person who brought you the awesome metal gear solid games come ELEBITS? Elebits looks awesome but for any hard care gear fans I would stay away. Basically Elebits is basically just a really big intercative game of hide and seek. By using your magic Elebits power of electircity and the Wii mote point and mess with anything you can think of.

    Think Elebits are hiding in the toaster try it out. Or maybe there all in the fridge? Who knows maybe you have tip the house of over to find them all. Though this game look childless and everything it looks like tons of fon, and is another perfect game that ultizes the new contorller to a tee.
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    I agree, I dont think elebits will be a great game... but anyway im not buying... I think other people maybe will buy it to probe the Wii comtroller

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