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    Fishing in Zelda TP

    Ok I'm a big fan of fishing..and I'm currently playing Zelda TP but I haven't found places to fish except the Ordon Village..Im at the Death Mountain part...but I was wondering if you end the game, you could have a fishing mode or something..

    I saw the fishing trailor of zelda before wii came out and i saw a fishing mode..can anyone confirm this?

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    well later on in the game you come to lake hylia and there is a fishing shop there were there is a private lake where you can fish with different lures and its more experience fufilling in a way from the regular fishing in the game... i liked it at least

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    Yes, later in the game you will find a fishing lake place. It will be a while before you get to go there, though because when you find it, you will probably still be a wolf and won't be able to get in.
    PM me if you want a link to a place that's good.

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