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    This game interests me
    if Midway are making it it doesn't
    and yes wrestling is fake but it has some good afleats (?)(I'm talking Licha here)
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    Quote Originally Posted by scubasteve
    when is the last time i was watching ufc and in the middle of the fight some random person comes in and starts fighting? umm never. thank you again retard. and getting into a fight is one thing but hiring somone to jump into the ring in the middle of a fight is just retarded.that is how you know they have run out of ideas, when they start bringing extra people into fight.

    Yeah, I'm about as retarded as arguing with someone in a WRESTLING thread. You carry such a good point, I'm so proud of you. I'm sure many people wish to be a bitching, moaning idiot who tries to make fun of people just because of their interests in sports and games seriously needs to get a life. And therefore, your life only exists on the internet, hence making you a retard, a douche, a bitch, a ****, a sack of shit or whatever pathetic name calling you can cleverly come up with. You stick to your MMA threads, and we'll stick to the wrestling threads. So until then, just stay away from this topic. If not, you are obviously someone who has nothing better to do with their time.

    And Dark Prinny it's Lucha Libre not Licha.

    If I don't know you, and if I don't talk to you on the forums, don't send me a friend request. I won't add you and will not give you an explanation.

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