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Disaster: Day of Crisis is a title I'm really looking forward to. Just wish there was a bit more on the game. Click Here for some images and video.

Note: Everywhere I looked pretty much has the same info on the game.
As you may know (you were here on may with us lol), Disaster is a game that was just shown at the E3, and then it was hiden, same as project h.a.m.m.e.r, but I am pretty sure, those games will hit '07. And just judging by the graphics I've seen, disaster is the one of the best games I've seen on Wii.

The big problem is that we won't know if it is a FPS, an adventure game, or a platform, just that is comming for the wii on '07, so we don't exactly know, what is the game about.

And in June, were Wii.com wasn't even a property of Nintendo, wii.nintendo.com showed Mario Galaxy, Project H.A.M.M.E.R and Disaster as one of the games to look forward.

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