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    Quote Originally Posted by largeeyes
    My TV changes to whatever the signal is. I haven't once had to change the aspect ratio on this TV(unlike my parents older HDTV where you do have to manually keep it from stretching things or to get it to properly display widescreen. Like I said, the 360 output is set to the same thing and the picture is gorgeous.
    That's exactly it though, the 360 outputs a 16:9 signal.

    The Wii outputs a widescreen image, but it outputs it in 4:3 format. It still needs stretched.

    The actual output is 4:3 -- it needs stretched to make it 16:9.

    Here's a test: The little message indicator in the Wii menu should be a circle. I bet you see it as an oval -- vertically taller than it is horizontal, when the Wii is set to widescreen. It should be a circle.

    Oh, and you should ensure these two settings:
    1. 480p
    2. Widescreen
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