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    thought so

    No spamming referral links - Further attempts at advertising will not be tolerated. kthx

    If you know anything about LEDs please put input, click on the link beliw, I can really use the help

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    JoonKimDDS I would seriously consider getting some power smoothing installed mate. If you are as careful as you say you are and yet you still keep killing consoles then I can only think that your house must be getting supplied with some really dirty power.

    Or you have loads of things running from extension sockets.

    The X360 does have built in power smoothing filters but they can only do so much.

    Get a UPS or something which will act as a choke and a spike/surge protector. Also, if you have a voltmeter, make sure there is the correct supply and frequency at your mains outlet - but be careful !

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