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    OK well I've had several issues and troubleshoted them myslef. basically like most people didn't read any documentation. You must in order for your remote to work properly is to have them synced up. otherwise you'll always have to mannually connect them in the home key remote settings. In order to sync them you have to for every remote you buy is to sync with the red button inside the remote where the batteries are ,and where the SD card is on the console. Then point the remote towards the sensor. Each one MUST be done as controler #1 !!!!!!

    So from that point they should work and all sync up properly. After you hit power and all have synced up, you just have to hit any button on the controler to sync to the system. If you do wanna turn one off if somebody has to leave, then you do the remaining players have to re-sync in order within the home key options. That is the only way to turn off the remote itself. The power button the the remote is to power off the console. That also can be an option to. So just nobody touch that remote.

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    Hmmm.... OK

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