There is alot of people having problems with there Wiimote. What is occuring is that the accerator is being offset from either swinging it too hard or it hit something.

What will happen is on Wiisports. If you play boxing your boxer will always be leaning to the right side with his hand in the air. Baseball you are unable to swing the bat.

If you own Zelda TP. You can't press the Home, -, or + button or bring out your sword.


Try this at your own Risk, I can votch that it worked for me and alot of people told me it helped them.

Go on Wii sports and go to Boxing. You'll notice your boxer is leaning to oneside (for me it was the right) with his hand in the air.

When the Fight starts, what you wanna do it shake your wiimote to the opposite side that your fighter is leaning. Do this in a swinging jerk motion too the opposite side until the fighter is straight and you can not hit with your right hand.

Your wiimote is now fixed and if you go on Zelda TP you can now use the Home, - and + button.