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    Gameboy Advance to wii?

    I know you can buy cables which link the gamecube the the gameboy advance just using the gamecube controller ports, so if I buy one of these will i be able to link my gameboy to the wii?

    I dont see why it wouldnt work but id prefer if someone could tell me for sure before i commit to buying one.


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    I'd like to know too... I;ve been dying to know!
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    Yes, I have played as tingle in Windwaker. The wii's GC functionality is basically a GC OS because you can't access the wii menu from the GC mode. Full compatibility, every game and every accessory works except for the one GBA simulator for the TV. (no ports) Long story short, they will work and connect but you cannot play the GBA games themselves on the Wii.
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