I'm trying to find the least expensive solution. I got the Wii for my kids for Christmas, and connected it to our main television using the a/v cables. It worked fine for a week, but yesterday, the lamp went in the TV. It may be a coincidence, but I'm not treating it that way. I've replaced the lamp, but I'm moving the Wii up to my older son's room.

He has a cable ready TV, with no A/V ports. With the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube we used RF modulators. I have a generic RF modulator, which we used to connect it, but the screen goes to static when switching screens. I believe the issue is the RF modulator isn't strong enough.

I've called Nintendo, and they said that they do not make an RF modulator for the Wii, but there may be some 3rd party companies out there that do.

My question is does anyone know of an RF modulator meant for the Nintendo Wii?

I would've kept it on the larger tv if it were older. The tv is just under 2 years, and it seems a bit premature for the lamp to go, so I'm thinking the Wii may have caused the lamp to go.