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    GlovePIE 0.29 Released!

    New features!

    With GlovePIE you can now play any game, or control any software or MIDI devices, using whatever controls you want. This includes joysticks, gamepads, mice, keyboards, MIDI input devices, HMDs, Wiimotes, trackers, and of course, Virtual Reality gloves!

    Now you can use your Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) to control PC games (or emulated games)! Also new in this version is support for TrackIR, FakeSpace Pinch Gloves, and Concept 2 Rowing machines. And it still supports the full range of other input devices added in the last couple of versions.

    * Minimize to System Tray button
    * Recent Files menu
    * OutputToFile( ) function to write values to output.txt
    * Division by zero no longer crashes compiler
    * Automatically connect Wiimotes when you press 1+2
    (bluesoleil only, you need to do it manually with other stacks)
    Hold Power button to disconnect Wiimote.
    * Wiimote speaker supported (single notes only, no wave files)
    * Classic Controller support fixed and tested
    * Wiimote.SmoothPitch and Wiimote.SmoothRoll now calculate angles
    without seperating out the acceleration, for smooth (but
    inaccurate) angles when your hand wobbles.
    * "Press X" now works without brackets
    * "100Hz" now works without space
    * Numbers allowed after dot, "Wiimote.1" works like "Wiimote.One"
    * Infinity and NaN are now valid numbers.
    * Other compiler improvements
    * Improved documentation
    * More scripts! Play old Zelda, Mario, or Metroid games with the
    exact same controls as the modern Wii game.

    Download Link! http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/att...2&d=1167866322

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