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    linksys WRT54G. set it on channel 11 or 1 in the settnig and youre good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougamer
    Linksys are, and always have been the best company for routers, for security, and connectivvity.

    I got my-self a WRT54G, Wireless, has 4 wireless ports, and 4 ethernet ports. Also have bluetooth functionality, but haven't got that working as of yet.
    On a side note, the wireless ports are not limited to 4. There are 4 wired ports, but the limit for wireless connections is much higher.

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    I use a Netgear WGT624 v3. Although you could get an older version of the same one that has a smaller range and It would be just as good for connecting the Wii.

    I've also used a D-Link model and can say it's also lost it's connection a time or two, but it's a simple fix to reset it. That router is now downgraded to the upstairs switch/print server for me.

    Play with the emulators too... They'll basically show you what you can do with your router.
    Here's the D-Link on sale at Fry's likewise here's it's interface Demo

    The netgear that's about equally priced is not a bad choice either. However I like it's interface about 100% more.

    Thesetwo models shown are discontinuing models (d-link) or refurbished (netgear) but you mentioned you didn't want to spend a lot. I'd expect to pay around $50.00 us for something new. Most of the brands have something that'll work in that category.

    I've had an older Linksys router (No WiFi) so I won't compare it to this, but their other network hardware is usually good, and they're owned by the big dogs of routing Cisco if that helps.

    Here's what I'd consider.
    SSID Broadcast- I want to turn this off to help keep my neighbors out. Some models won't let you.

    Custom IP Address- I use my own, so I'm not inadvertently surfing the same neighbors network, it's also just an organizational thing for me.

    MAC Address Filtering- I want to tell my router EXACTLY what devices it can talk with and not let others in. Some D-Link older models will only give you 1 slot (Stupid) check that out, it's a biggie.

    WEP-WPA-And their updated models. Check out what they offer, for a simple explanation of the difference check out The Wikipedia, it's got the most simple English answers

    Range boost- Can you disable it? Do you need it? I've turned mine off because I don't' need to cover the 3 houses around me in my range.

    Thats about it. Personally, netgear are easier to maintain and setup for me, D-Link is a bit more painful, Linksys are in between.

    Read here for security issues too
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    I have a Linksys WRT54G also, and love it.

    Plus, if you get DD-WRT, you get a top-class router for around $50
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