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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathmetalmaster
    It is ironic to hear some one who is incapable of writing a correct sentence bashing someone for how stupid they are. If you lack the knowledge needed to understand such a simple analogy, maybe you should take a look in the mirror to reveal who the stupid one is.
    el oh el

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    how can u compare a car to a console are u just stupid. and i know bout cars as i have grown up around them
    Well little Billy, I have a master's degree, maybe try the condescension again in about 10 years.

    Here's my analogy: my car (small SUV) with a 2.5L engine has many of the same components as the model with the 4.0L engine. However, my car is not capable of the same things; I cannot tow a boat for example. The fact that they have some similar components does not mean that they have identical capabilities. This is similar to the Wii and 360. I mean, hey, both of them are AC powered and hook up to a television, so they must be capable of the same thing!

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