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    Sound Issues Please Any info or help needed

    Hi all.
    I am really SAD!
    My nintendo Wii about a week ago was making static noises i thought of it as nothing. One week later i turn on my wii and NO SOUND AT ALL! i freaked out and assumed at first that it was my TV. ( Note that the sound was working on the TV for cable sound worked just fine ) So i ran downstairs plugged my Wii into the second TV and sound was fine! Hooray! i solved my problem..
    The next day turned on my Wii AND GUESS WHAT! NO NOUND AT ALL!. All i hear is a buzzing sound when i put the sound to the max.

    So unless i really have bad luck and both my SONY tv's do not work then i know what to do..

    But i really doubt it is that.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is either the cables or the soundcard on the wii. I just do not know which

    Has anyone had this problem? can anyone relate?? am i ultimatly screwed in the

    Any help is appreaciated!

    Sorry i am taking out my frustration above in a wierd Typing frustrated way.
    - More i play redsteel the more i like it the more i learn from it the more i want to play it.
    So far i am happy with my purchase! and the game was rated really harsh. I think they rushed a rating. Play it before you bash it.

    Wii Sports is priceless I LOVE IT Everyone loves it, its actually really well done

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    Call nintendo...they'll take care of ya

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