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    every game i bought is messed up

    ok here it goes.i bought call of duty and sometimes the mote jus goes mad and points down leaving it impossible to play at the same locations every time.and also red steel i get to the lvl at the indoor skislope and when im to go up the hill it crashes 100% every time.not having a good time at all with this.some one shed some light down on me by saying somethink like(if u update ya wii it wont bugger up)its as though the wii cant handle so much going on at once so it takes it out on the mote or jus crashes.info would be nice guys on these problems

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    Both of them are FPS and not that good use of the wiimote, ull need to make sure it has other probs with other games, cause cod3 controls are a bit like what u describe em, although u can adjust them somehow i think, and red steel is a really bugged game, so u cant tell if its ur wii with the prob. Just rent one or 2 games and test them.

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    My red steel froze at a similar point on the game to yours.

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