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    ac adapters and component cables

    how long do you think before 3rd party or nintendo starts to sell in stores replacement AC adapters and component cables?

    reason i ask is because i live in central long island (the suffolk county region) of NY. i traveled alllllllll the way (about 30 some odd miles) to nassau county with my nintendo wii to my friends house.

    i started to unpack it when i all of a sudden had a look like someone ran over my dog. my friend asked what was wrong and i said that i left the AC adapter at my house. my friend was so angry since it wasnt just me and him, my bf was there and so was my friends fiance.

    i started to call around to see if anyone had an AC adapter in stock and they said it was propritary to nintendo. IE i had to call them and they would "ship me one at 50$" according to some chick at best buy.

    so needless to say, i had to go ALLLL the way back home and then ALL the way back to nassau county just for an AC adapter

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    bump for afternoon crowed since i started this late last night....

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    oh that sucks...what are we supposed to say> they dont sell extra in store..u order one online!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericlewis91
    oh that sucks...what are we supposed to say> they dont sell extra in store..u order one online!

    well heres the thing, i would of loved to have had ordered online BUT unfortunitly they dont come in the mail in an "hours time frame"

    so it would of been better to just walk into say best buy and just purchased the ac adapter. (then did the ghetto thing in returning it once i was done with it )

    but my QUESTION was "how long in STORES" not online

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