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    Wi-fi being weird

    hi i got my nintendo usb wi-fi connector and installed it and all, it worked brilliant for the first day but then it got weird, it shows on my computer that thers no users connected so i go into my wii settings and go to internet and test connection and it shows on my computer one or more users connected and its green and full bar and i get on my wii screen connection successful, and a code of like 41357 or summin.

    but as soon as i installthe update or just go straight to the wii menu on my comp it goes back to no connected users.

    Its weird, when i go to the online channels it comes back connected and wii menu dissconnected and iv tried sendin mail and its failing>

    im confused ,

    any help?

    btw iv tried a search and cant find anything with the same problem

    its really bugging me and i want it fixed
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    you see the code 41357? uhmm.. you go to nintendo.com and go ... nevermind. go here


    type your error code.
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    btw its a confirmation code, soooo?

    its 41313

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