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    Quote Originally Posted by MaXiMiUS
    As per the GameCube, (from Wikipedia):
    "A common misconception about the GameCube optical drive is that it spins the discs in reverse (counter-clockwise) compared to regular DVD-ROM drives. The peculiarity of this rumor is that one need only open the disc tray on an operating GameCube to see that the disc clearly spins clockwise as it slows to a halt."

    It doesn't spin backwards at all. It reads from the outside (as in, outer rim) of the disk, inwards to the center of the disk. This doesn't mean anything voodoo like backwards data or anything crazy like that, or (as most people think) the drive spins the disk backwards.

    Normal drives read from the inside, outwards, instead of from the outside, inwards. It's not a hardware thing that makes it do that, it's firmware that controls where the laser starts reading from and finishes.

    Why I keep trying to explain this, I don't know. Nobody ever seems to be able to read everything I say and actually understand it..
    I read your post and now I understand it thanks and understanding them

    Hope this makes you happy that at least one person is reading your posts.
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