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    ericlewis91 - there is no glare but I do take it off to watch TV or movies. That is why i wanted something easy to use like brackets, but those need more work like painting and allot smaller.

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    Too right mate kids are crazy, When i 1st got my wii it was round at my partners who has a 5 year old daughter. My god i was in a panic she was all over the show spinning round each time she hit the ball on tennis!!! I lost count the amount of times she dropped the remote!!!! Luckily i made sure the strap was nice an tight!!! In short kids are there to test the extreme of everything from toys to your patience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by scoth
    Why am I gay?

    For wanting to protect my TV from damage. You don't know what your talking about because the picture is crystal clear with no glare whatsoever.

    I can't always be there to be sure that people remember to wear their wrist straps.

    miiplaywii - not sure if you are a kid or a parent but sometimes kids forget to do what they are told, I rather waste the $18 I spent on the plexiglass than a $1500 new tv.
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