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    Somewhat annoying problem...


    I've heard other people having this problem too. Sometimes, maybe 1 in 7 times that I go to the disc channel, I click on it and it shows a screen of black for a while. The thing is, it's not frozen; all you have to do is tap it lightly and it works fine. Another version of this is when it works, but only after 30 seconds of black.

    Again, this isn't something HORRIBLE that will make me call nintendo, but it's just sort of annoying.

    Who's had this problem? What can you do to fix it?

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    I had it once in a while when i play wii sports but it barely happens. I just reset the console because im too lazy to wait. It shouldnt be a big problem but i had it once or twice. It doesnt annoy me though.
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    Ive noticed mine has done this before and I thought it was messed up but it just starts working after about 30 seconds for me too. Although I hav no idea how to fix it, but its not bothering me much

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